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Meir's mood

A ballad album. Meir has achieved consistency of fully relaxed feeling. 
This album inspired by  thelonious monk "panonnica".
Featuring: Vocalist mazi cohen & Jimmy Lloyd
Gidon pesachov (Drums) Omer Ritzi (Hammond B3)

In his third album for has achieved a consistency of fully relaxed feeling that is rare in jazz recording.

There isn't a track that doesn't sound like an after – hours conversation between men who experience music in warmly similar ways.


Meir features the  vocalist jimmy lyod for two numbers. Sophisticated Lady and the Things we did Last Summer. 

All music arranged, recorded and mixed by Mbm music


When I heard for the first time the version of "Too Late Now" by Wes Montgomery, it deeply moved me. It was very touching and has influenced my music.


Today, through ballads, I can express my emotions in a deep way...I hope you enjoy some of a good moments that I've experienced.


Meir Ben Michael

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